Enjoy the party, guilt-free

The coziest time of year is ahead of us – December with Christmas is just around the corner.  Christmas parties, jingle bells, snow sleighs and time spend with friends, colleagues and families – meaning lots of treats, delicious food and drinks. Temptations around every corner.

We are already preparing ourselves for the guilt that follows.

But hold on a minute, it doesn’t have to be like that!


In reality it is not about the parties, it’s about how we live between the parties.

The way we live between the parties are much more important. I used to have the attitude that I may as well just eat and indulge all the time, because I was going to go on a diet when December turned into January anyway. And THEN I would loose all the weight I had gained and be fit forever – right!!

By the end of January I was back to normal – meaning I had stopped going to the gym, stopped counting calories, stopped eating grapefruits and broccoli.  And I felt guilty – painfully guilty and bad that I could not keep my intentions – Again!

I think it is much more harmful to the body to beat ourselves up, than it is to eat good food and enjoy the party

It’s not all or nothing, but rather all about balance – how do we live in between the parties?

My tips before we go into this season of feast and fun:

  • Drink delicious green smoothies every day – especially before the party
  • Remember to exercise – it is even more important this time of year
  • Take time to relax
  • Go for walks
  • Drink lots of water
  • Get your sleep
  • Exchange some of your meals with plant-based food

Then go join the party – have fun and enjoy it!! Oh, and don’t forget to kick off your shoes and dance 🙂