Cycling in Wonderful Copenhagen

Nyhavn Copenhagen

Nyhavn Copenhagen

Hi from Copenhagen – my favourite city! I am visiting and loving every minute!

One of the first things you will notice when you come to Copenhagen is that there are bikes everywhere – people on bikes everywhere. Everyone


Bikes everywhere

Bikes everywhere

You see men in business suits, polished shoes, briefcase and all, snipping through the streets. You see women in high heels, skirts and shades, moms and dads on cargo bikes with little ones comfortably placed in the front. No matter the weather – come rain or shine – even in the coldest winter, people bike.  All ages, dressed up, dressed down, all going somewhere, pedalling through the streets.

Happy cyclist

Happy cyclist

It all adds to the charm and vibrance of Copenhagen.


Yesterday I saw a very handsome gentleman biking trough the streets of Copenhagen. No hands on the handlebars and casually texting away on his cell as he rode.

Unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough on the camera to catch him.

This bike outside the Supreme Court – perhaps parked there by a lawyer or judge…..

An old guy

An old guy

We Danes are crazy about biking – we don’t bike to stay fit, primarily. We bike because it is much more convenient, much easier to get from point A to B, and easier to park. Perhaps a basic reason is that parking a car in Copenhagen is a nightmare – it’s almost impossible to find parking and it’s terribly expensive.

April last year opened a super highway for cyclists –

To encourage long distance commuters to take the bike and thereby

  • Reduce CO2 emission
  •  Promote Health
  • And Happiness

The highway is 11 miles long and runs from the suburb into the centre of CPH.  If you drive 12 miles pr hr during rush hour, you are guaranteed a green light.

The plan is to make 26 super bike highways like this – a total of 186 miles. Super effective bike highways – a haven for cyclistst!

Read and see more about the SUPER HIGHWAY for bikes in a great article from New York Times.

Bike lanes of course

Bike lanes of course

Denmark aim at being carbon nutral by 2025 .

Many Danes simply give up their cars because biking is SO much easier, faster and safer – in the city!

On the bike lane there are airpumps every mile, footrests for bikers, handlebars to hold onto at traffic lights, even tilted wastepaper baskets to make it easier for cyclists to throw away garbage…… Ren Kœrlighed til København – Clean Love to Copenhagen.


1/3 of all trips in Copenhagen are made by bike.

Its faster and more convenient – on top of that, it makes you healthier and ……. happier – maybe this is one of the reasons why the Danes are considered the happiest people in the world?



Copenhagenize – is a concept and a very cool organization that promotes safer, faster and better biking infrastructures in the cities. They travel the world to spread the message ” Copenhagenize is possible everywhere” 

This month is National Bike Month check it out here


Cycling in Copenhagen

Just back from visiting Copenhagen and while I am recovering from jet lag, I would love to share a wonderful documentary with you, produced by A Billion Bikes.

Copenhagen is big on bikes – over 90% of all people in Copenhagen own a bike. Everyone bikes! The children, while still small travel on the back or front of their parents bike or in a carriage attached to the bike (eg on the cool three-wheeled Christiania bike). But as soon as they are old enough, they get their own bike. Danes ride to school, on visits, shopping, to the park, everywhere, even to work on their bikes. We bike everywhere and in any kind of weather. In Denmark, we say it is never the wrong weather for biking you only need the right kind of clothing! Nothing can stop a Dane on his bike! You will see a business man in his suit, tie and polished shoes, on his way to a meeting, on his bike. You will see women in high heels riding their bikes. You will see people all ages riding their bikes. You will even see the Danish politicians riding their bikes – like after the elections last year, when the new government must present themselves to the Queen, all of the appointed ministers biked to Amalienborg Castle, to present themselves – check it out here. How cool is that?

It may seem that Danes are born on bikes and love their bikes but the infrastructure for bikes in the city of Copenhagen is probably one of the best in the world.

To get inspired try to watch this great documentary (5 neat episodes) – I hope you will enjoy them and maybe, who knows, be inspired to get your bike out, and hit the road.

Another great article in New York Times   about biking in Copenhagen- “ Commuters Pedal to Work on Their Very Own Superhighway”