Healthy Apple Lemonade – and Thank You!

Weekends go fast! Don’t you think? Monday again and another week awaits us fresh and new.

This weekend was fun and full of sunshine. On Saturday, I was slinging green smoothies over the counter at a fundraiser and it was so much fun. There we were outside by a big chestnut tree,  sun was shining and lots of people had come out to enjoy the weather and the market, the Anglican Church had put out.

For me it was a bit of an experiment and I was not quite sure how the green drinks would be received. I was overwhelmed – people were lining up all wanting to try a drink of health. I was astounded to see kids in the line up too – many came back for seconds!! I wish I had bought a camera guy to help me shoot pictures – but the pictures in my memory are awesome.

Like the one little blond guy who poured green smoothies down and finished them off with a fabulous big smile on his face and the two kids, wearing hats and sunglasses looking so cool – had a sip of their smoothies and both their faces lit up in big smiles. I asked them how they liked the smoothies and two thumbs came flying up. Another little guy came with his dad and shook his head when his dad asked him if he wanted  a green smoothie. The dad took one sip of his glass and passed it to his son. He carefully tried it – then asked for his own!

Kids want to be healthy and if health is available they will make healthy choices – especially when we join in.

So I have been dreaming of smoothie bars in school yards and kids !

The smoothie I made at the market was this one

Before I give you the recipe for Healthy Apple Lemonade I would like to thank the wonderful people who nominated me for several awards – I feel very very spoiled !!!

Thank you to I ATE LUNCH  for awarding me with ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD and thank you ZEN AND GENKI for the THE SUNSHINE AWARD.


And while writing this blog post another award came in from UP HIGH LULLABY – Thank you for the INSPIRING BLOG AWARD

Thank you SO SO much to all of you from the bottom of my heart – I so appreciate it!! THANK YOU!!!!

Here we go – Healthy Apple Lemonade – what better to drink on a hot summers day? I mean in the shade under the apple tree?

1 lemon and 10 apples – it is important that the apples are hard and not soft. For this I have used green apples. You can also add a piece of ginger.

Juice it all and serve on ice.