Worlds healthiest “fast food”

Are you busy and think  it takes too much time and effort to prepare healthy food?

Green smoothies are the easiest and healthiest “fast food” ever. When I am really busy and don’t really have the time to prepare  a nutritious meal – I make a green smoothy! It has everything in it that my body needs, the nutrients, the proteins and the fibers – it keeps me glowing and energized for hours on end. I make a big portion, put it in the fridge and even when I’m heading out on the road, away all day, I can bottle it and take it with me to enjoy later.

This recipe has

Fresh spinach







And filtered water/ice cubes

Cheers to your health!

Green Smoothies are:

  • easy to make and easy to clean up afterwards
  • loaded with nutrients and proteins
  • full of fibers that keeps you full and satisfied
  • a perfect way to reduce/eliminate cravings for unhealthy food
  • a good way to balance your blood sugar
  • easy to digest and assimilate
  • a great way to alkalize the body helping to fight disease
  • a great way to lower cholesterol naturally
  • an energy booster
  • boosting your immune system
  • great way to help lose weight
  • an easy way to get  greens and fruit – in fact it is difficult to eat your way through the amounts of greens and fruits we need, but by juicing or making smoothies, its easy.
  • supporting your overall health – both physical and emotional.

Cheers to your health

Drink your greens

Yaay the sun is finally shining here on the West coast of British Columbia! But before I head out to soak up the sunshine I want to share this simple but delicious juice recipe with you!

One of the best things you can ever add to your health routine is drinking green juice and green smoothies – if you don’t do anything else drink your greens!

Before I knew about the green juice and green smoothie trick – I just did not get enough fruit and vegetables. I had vegetables and fruit every day but not a lot. I would always start with eating big portions of meat and potatoes – yes I was such a big  meat and potato kind of girl!! I would load my plate with meat and potatoes and then after filling my self, I would have a tiny little salad or a few of the cooked veggies – I was too full.

Then I started drinking green smoothies and making green juice and the rest is history – by doing that I get so much more veggies and fruit, in fact I get more than I would ever be able to eat and chew my way though and I love it!!

With every green drink I felt like eating more greens and vegetables – my taste buds changed and I got tons of energy.

Here is the juice I made just now.

This one is made with collard greens, apples and a couple of sticks of celery. Served with ice on the rocks, stirred not shaken 🙂 Enjoy!