A really important part of life is friendship –  Crucial!

Friendship means everything!


Nothing in the world as good as a deep belly -laugh with a great friend. And everything else we share:

  •  hugs
  • smiles
  • chats
  • deep intimate talks about life
  •  a shoulder to cry on or offering a shoulder to cry on
  • hanging out together
  • discussions
  • honesty
  • play
  • going to the cinema
  • a long walk
  • a swim
  • a dance
  • fooling around
  • getting/giving honest loving feed-back
  • and so much more………………
All of this adds to releasing “feel good” hormones in the body – which, don’t underestimate it – truly adds to our wellbeing, and greatly supports our health mentally, as well as physically.

Friendships are so precious. Friendships are life.

There is a saying:

“Show me your fiends and I will tell you who you are”

A new book written by Carlin Flora called “Friendfluence” – talks about how friendships make us who we are. It just came out and I can’t wait to read it!

Gretchen Rubin interviewed Carlin Flora about her new book, in Psychology Today – read the interview here

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!