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Individual therapy/coaching and support.


Our “normal” way of life is making us sick and it’s time to question the normality of how we live: All too many of us suffer from high cholesterol, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, depression, etc., etc.We can view these problems as messages from our body – trying to reach through to us, vivid signs of imbalances in our life style.

If we can learn to listen to the body, to nourish it, give it time to rest and play, be mindful and soulful – we can find our balance and it can heal itself .

 Balanced Living – Food : This class focuses on how to incorporate more green food into your diet. Greens are an essential part of a balanced diet and are needed to nourish body, mind and soul. We will meet in the kitchen , make green smoothies, cook delicious green food. Talk, eat and share. I with come with suggestions on how to get more wholesome healthy food onto the plate in an attractive and delicious way. Food and mood – nourishment for the body and a way to health.

 Emotional health: One of the most important and probably most overlooked factors in our overall health is Emotional Well-being. Stress and imbalances wreck havoc on our physical and mental health and overall well-being, often causing us to make unhealthy choices.

In this world only the so-called “happy” emotions are welcome. We need to learn to embrace all of what we are, both physically and emotionally, “good” and “bad” emotions. We know that suppressing our emotions creates stress and unhappiness and thereby weakening our body’s immune system. Learning to recognize and embrace all emotions is part of finding your life balance.

We will look at how you can better listen to, recognize and embrace all types of emotions.

 Exercise/Play/ Mindfulness Mediation: We all know the importance of exercise but for many of us it can be difficult to fit it in or simply “get started”. But to move is a need – to play is a need.  Exercise need not be tough or dreadfully boring – by making a cocktail out of fun & play and exercise you can create a healthy harmonious habit you won’t want to live without.

We will finish the course with mindful mediation –  mindfulness is a perfect way to  recharge, de-stress and learn to live in the moment.

I will be doing workshops in Victoria BC in May and the next courses in Denmark will be in June.




















Workshop $180 inclusive green smoothie, delicious lunch, tea and treat in the afternoon.

The workshop starts at 9am  and finishes at 3pm

Individual sessions on Skype $100 for an hour.

Please send me an email to book

11 thoughts on “Work with me

  1. Hej Anne,
    I find your blog amazing. Excellent recipes, beautiful pictures and very valuable advise.
    Kœmpeknus Pernille

  2. Hi Anne, so inspiring reading your blog. Hope to see you in Copenhagen this summer. Love from Marianne Scheele

  3. Anne, what is all this about ? I’m totally amazed, such wonderful recipes with beautiful pictures – and thoughts: what a universe 🙂
    I want to eat all that, do all that and wake up the next morning being a new born human being – just the thought is re-vitalizing 🙂
    Mange kærlige hilsner & tanker, Charlotte

  4. How have you been Anne? I am thinking of dropping you a mail these days, but I don’t know if you are busy. I have some worries on my mind I would like to consult you about…

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