Take healthy breaks during holiday chaos

Life is full of temptations and now it’s Christmas time so you may as well just give up,  give in and forget about it until January, right? Or?

Is it possible to find balance with the endless temptation of food, drinks and treats during this season?

In the old days I would just give up during the holidays, give into temptation, gain a few extra pounds and decide to just embark on yet another diet once January came around.

Today I say, yes, balance is possible and feeling so much better for it, is too.

So how?

Here are my 4 favourite tips:

  • Exchange regular meals with a plant-based meal. This time of year we know there are many heavy meals ahead of us, endless temptations,  so why not exchange a meal  with a plant-based meal. If you are meeting someone for lunch or dinner, pick a raw food/vegan restaurant – you are in for a treat!
  • Drink a green smoothie before going out to a social event.  Green smoothies are pure nourishment, they fill you up and they satisfy you for a long time. Chances are you won’t eat quite as much, because you are satisfied.
  • Enjoy a plant-based day. Grab an entire day out of your calendar and give your body a break  – load up on green food that feeds and nourish you.
  • Exercise – yes, I know you don’t have time, but do it anyway – even just 10 min. is better than no exercise.

Yesterday I went to the local market – there I bought the most delicious organic sprouts. On the way home I began to think of different ways to use them instead of just adding them to a salad;

How about sprouts for breakfast?

So I took the two different sprouts I bought – mung bean sprouts and ancient grain sprouts – some walnuts, some pumpkin seeds, grated apple, slices of orange, some pomegranate seeds, added some almond creme – and Sproutnola was born 🙂



I made almond creme by taking 1/2 cup of almonds, one cup of filtered water, 4 Medjool dates, put it all in the blender and blended it all into a smooth, sweet sauce.

In a bowl I added, grated apple, slices of orange, some chopped walnuts, pumpkin seeds, 2 different kinds of sprouts, topped with almond cream, and lots of fresh pomegranate.

Enjoy, it’s delicious!



Raw food Breakfast

Raw food Breakfast

A friend send me this youtube about seeding pomegranate  – So easy! And I mean really easy!

An article “Pomegranate, a superfood that goes straight to your heart”.

8 thoughts on “Take healthy breaks during holiday chaos

  1. Great tips & this year, we are having a vegan christmas dinner at my parents-in-law,…ooh yes, their daughter & son-in-law are new vegans so I can give them lots of tips, great hey???
    I love your tasty & easy healthy breakfast & great tips too!!!!! x

  2. Thanks for sharing the video. I made an amazing salad for a dinner party yesterday that asked for 1 cup of pomegranate seeds. I wish I had read your post earlier. I think I will post the recipe this week and include the video.

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