During my recent visit in Denmark I heard about a very interesting study concerning lifestyle related diseases like diabetes 2, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stress, depression, etc.

The study aims at finding out whether it is possible to reverse lifestyle related diseases? Ie., once we suffer from these diseases,  is it possible to make a  U-Turn? And can that be done by simply changing ones own lifestyle?

The experiment, U-Turn, has been started by Chris MacDonald, a Cand. Scient in Human physiology, originally from the USA, but has been living in Denmark for the past 14 years. He is the founder of Health in Balance and Strong Body Strong Mind.

Chris has been coaching and guiding numerous people back to health with very positive results and continues to be a tremendous inspiration to Danes every day!

U-Turn is an experiment that is being documented by the Danish National television. Over a period of 6 months, Chris MacDonald is guiding the 8 participants, all suffering from lifestyle related diseases such as, type 2 diabetes, stress, depression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and metabolic syndrome.

The program includes daily training, physical exercise, healthy food, getting a good sleep, along with support and emotional coaching.

Half way though the program the participants will go to France and hike the GR10, a hike that takes them thorough the French Pyrenees, a 850 km hike with considerable elevation, a very strenuous hike!

(Photo source National Geographic)

Throughout the experiment participants are closely followed by doctors from a Copenhagen hospital, to keep them safe, to monitor their well being and their need for medication.

Chris  MacDonald and his team want to see what happens to sick people when you ask them to eat healthy, walk every day and be physically active and minimize negative stress. What happens to them over a 6 months period of time?

Will they feel better? Will they be able to reduce or even eliminate their need for medication? Will they be able to reverse disease and return to great health?

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food – Hippocrates

So far, the National Television has produced 4 programs that have broadcast, taking the viewers along on the journey with the 8 participants and documenting the results they achieve. These programs cover the first half of the experiment.

It’s blood, sweat, tears and laughter – it’s amazing to see the courage, dedication and the victory! 

The participants have been monitored at the hospital when the experiment started, during and half way thorough. The results are astounding:

  • They lost weight
  • They lost dangerous body fat around inner organs
  • Achieved normal blood sugar levels
  • Lowered cholesterol
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced liver counts
  • 3 participants no longer need medication/
  • the rest have been able to reduce the amount of mediation significantly
  • They are of course in much better shape

I think the message is powerful.

Lifestyle changes are the strongest most effective medicine!

I am looking forward to following the experiment and I will report back to you, when it finishes.

Lifestyle related diseases can be reversed and healed by lifestyle changes!

Walking is man’s best medicine – Hippocrates

20 thoughts on “U-Turn

  1. I certainly wish the United States would start a program like this. This is exactly the work I do…only after people already have diabetes, hypertension, etc. trying to get patients to buy in to making lifestyle changes and take their medication.

  2. This is a motivational post, Anne. it would be interesting to know the age of the oldest among them, and what exactly did they eat especially during the hike….

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  4. I don’t think we ever give enough credit to stress for the damage it does in our lives. So often the other aspects of an unhealthy lifestyle such as bad eating habits and lack of exercise are a direct result stress playing havoc with our lives. This programme is such a simple concept but such an important one. Very interesting.

    • I completely agree with you – stress is at the root of so many things! We need to take stress seriously and listen to the messages behind it!
      Thank you for visiting!

  5. I believe each one can have a “U-Turn” with their health if they choose to commit and do it with all their heart. I lost almost 30 pounds in less than 3 months, something I haven’t done in the past 8 years of weight issues. Not easy but possible.

  6. This is fantastic. I think that it is important for people to understand that they can change their lives. I see the difference in myself when I don’t exercise and eat healthy. I’m a mess!

    • So true Cass – and really it’s so simple! It’s obvious that our bodies will suffer if we neglect to give it what it needs – good food, exercise, rest, fun ect
      I feel it right away – it creates imbalance and I suffer – like you say, I’m a mess too!
      Even little steps make such a big difference!
      Thank you for your thoughts!

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