Last week it was “National day of Unplugging ” did you know?

It went by without me having the slightest clue even of its brilliant existence. Probably while I was myself plugged in and most likely busy working online, tweeting, blogging, updating Facebook,   Unplugging Day came and passed me by!

Hmm, I asked my two gorgeous teenagers – “did you know it was National Unplugging Day, a few days ago?” No reaction – and not surprising – they didn’t know either.

But when talking about health and well-being, unplugging is crucial! We need to unplug and create space to slow down, be quiet and simply just be.




We need this quiet time to listen and tune in to our needs. Even though, the body is amazing, the perfect GPS, always reliable; it has to have the space to tell us what we need. It can tell us if we are happy and content, if we are stressed and out of tune. So often we look outside ourselves for the answers, but the best answers come from within. The body never lies it always tells the truth. But, it needs to be “unplugged” from the outer influences and given time to relay its messages.

Our happiness and health rely on us taking that time to tune in.

I remember when I trained to become a psychotherapist, part of my training was going through intense therapy sessions and I remember how difficult and humbling it was for me to try to answer the simple question “How do you feel?” – How did I feel? Really feel? I didn’t know!

The honest truth was, I was so used to, when asked that question, to say “fine” without ever actually feeling my body responses. It was a new experience to me to connect to myself, to listen to my body and then be able to answer honestly how I felt. An even worse question was “What do you need?” – Again, I honestly had no clue. That was painful!

It took time and practice to learn and relearn. We are born with the ability to feel and know what we need, but early on we learn to suppress those feelings – in order to fit in.

I am a great believer in creating unplugging moments, every day. But how do we do that in a world that is so plugged in all the time?

I have devised a set of unplugging strategies, that works for me:

  • Getting up 1/2-1 hr before everyone else to meditate, sip tea, write my journal (with a pencil), run, jog, or just sit.
  • Unplug over the weekend just giving myself time to hang out with the family, read good books, wear my gumboots and do gardening, hike, walk, feed the hummingbirds and generally just be.
  • Before bed some quite time for a hot bath, a good book, some journalling, a lit candle, some gentle music, an evening meditation.
  • Sitting still with a hand on my heart, closing my eyes, while asking my heart (not my mind) the questions “how do I feel'” – ” what do I need” and quitely wait for the answers.

How do you unplug?



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26 thoughts on “Unplug

  1. I did just this last weekend, but I did not know it was a national day of unplugging. I just knew I needed it. And I am trying to do more of this every weekend now. It’s a must!

  2. Love the idea. I always hear people complain including me that “I’m stressed” or “I need a vacation.” Well, here’s the perfect answer for that. ” We need to unplug and create space to slow down, be quiet and simply just be.” We do need to find ways to relax and find peace. Me, waking up early when everyone else is asleep works.

    • Yes I think many can relate to the restless and twitchy part – I know I can, it’s addictive! I need to unplug and once I do, I find it only takes a little while and I start to relax and recharge – that part I’m in love with 🙂

  3. As someone who spends a LOT of time with technology I could not be more supportive of unplugging. On the weekends I have started turning off my phone and putting it in a drawer (away from grabby fidgety hands) – it’s shocking how addicted I have become to that thing! It takes a few hours but after that I become miraculously relaxed and calm — knowing there is nothing more important than ‘being here now’ is very powerful, but increasingly difficult to do for many of us. Love this Anne!

    • It is shocking how addictive it is – gosh it’s important to turn it all off every now and then! I LOVE that you put the phone in a drawer and turn it off 🙂
      Hope you had a great weekend!

    • Yes magnetic is a good way to describe it Brandi!
      So important to unplug and turn it all off, every now and then, so we don’t get pulled in 🙂
      Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. I love this, Anne. Lately I’ve been thinking about what life would be like if I slept when I feel tired. It sounds revelatory – I’m always pushing myself to stay awake so I can be productive, or staying up to have “me time.” Someday, when my kids are older or out of the house, maybe, I’d like to take a week to do just that. Do what I’m feeling, not what I think I’m supposed to be doing. Unplugging would be a huge part of that. In the meantime, I love the simple practices you’ve laid out here.

    • Oh yes we need more of that! I also think it’s important to be an example of that for our children. So they see us relax, unplug and enjoying life – so they can learn to do that too 🙂
      Thank you for your visit and your comment – so nice to see you!

  5. We need to unplug from time to time. I go for long walks with my husband or longer bike rides & do a picnic in Summertime! We both do yoga together too!

    Such a lovely read, dear Anne!

  6. My blogging has been interfering with my unplugging process Anne. Haven’t been to Yoga in days! Time to step back a bit…..thanks for the reminder 🙂

    • Dear Madhu I know what you mean – blogging can so easily interfere with unplugging! We need reminders – hope you get to yoga it’s such a wonderful way to unplug!

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