The power of music

This past week I have been reminded about the many powerful benefits music has on us. What a huge positive impact it has on our lives – Imagine a world without music! Music is in our lives in so many ways. When we listen to music, it awakes all kinds of emotions in us – joy and happiness, sadness and sorrow. Music holds memories and music speaks to the heart. It connects us in a special way.

Where words fail, music speaks – Hans Christian Andersen

There is scientific evidence that music has the power to relieve stress and anxiety. Music can change the structure and function of the brain – it improves mood and it can  even help patients to recover from stroke.

Here is a great article that I recommend you read: Music to heal the mind, heart, and body here

Music touches the very core of us. 

The Danish composer Niels Eje has, in a unique collaboration with medical scientists,  developed “Musicure”. With the medical experts help Niels Eje composed music designed specifically to help patients relieve stress and anxiety, and make the stay and the experience in a hospital more relaxing. It was clinically documented over a period of 5 years as it was developed and showed great benefits for the patients.

Niels Eje uses stimulating sounds of nature, combined with beautiful acoustic music in a rhythm that equal the heartbeat that we heard in the very first embryonic stages of our lives. Need I say it’s very relaxing and soothing? 😉

Musicure is very relaxing, calming and beautiful.

It was primarily composed for the use in hospitals but, but is widely used all over now. I think it is perfect to play in the background in the morning or when the kids come home – to help them relax and recharge. And for myself to help me relax after or during a hectic day.

You can purchase and download Musicure here

I hope you will enjoy!

11 thoughts on “The power of music

  1. I was very interested to read this article … we must be synchronised Anne 🙂 I am undergoing my own musical therapy this weekend, and it is scheduled to go on ….. Thank you again for sending us inspiration and encouragement. xxxxx

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