Top tips for creating Christmas coziness

Now is the time to sprinkle “HYGGE” all over the world

“Hygge” is a Danish word that commonly gets translated to the English meaning of  “Cozy”. But actually “hygge” means quite a bit more. Hygge means being surrounded by people you love, family, friends, colleagues; but it can also be with people you don’t know, with someone you meet and feel connected to. Hygge can be planned, but it can also happen simultaneously. Hygge also happens in solitude. It’s an atmosphere, a feeling that captures life’s essence.
Hygge is being present, authentic, hygge is being in the now, content in the moment, hygge is not thinking about it, it’s just being…… in the moment. Hygge is fun. Hygge is peaceful. It’s intimate, It’s homey and relaxed.

Hygge is creating a special atmosphere, logs burning in the fireplace, lighting the candles, fresh flowers, fresh fruit, nice surroundings, but it can also be on a bench in a park with a stranger, communicating, sharing the moment. Often hygge is enjoying good food with great friends and family. Hygge is sometimes, just the two of us, connecting, reconnecting. Hygge is cuddling up with a warm blanket, it’s a good book and a steeping hot pot of tea.

Hygge is not invented by the Danes – each nationality have their own form of coziness and hygge – but Danes are obsessed with hygge – as some have suggested – to escape the long dark winters.

It could be that the amount of hygge Danes practice every day, is the reason why they occasionally are picked out to be the happiest people in the world!

There is no excuse for not creating hygge – in any situation, even at work there is created space for hygge. Places to relax and connect with colleagues and recharge the batteries.

“Come let’s hygge” – is an everyday expression, it’s cultivated, at any and all possible moments. To light the candles and make everyday surroundings ‘hyggelige” – creating that space for coziness and hygge – together or alone. It is crucial for our health and well-being.

Hygge is a good reason to hurry home from work – we long for it and treasure it. There is always an excuse to hygge! Hygge is a sanctuary for the soul!

And Christmas is the ultimate high season for hygge!

That is why I want to sprinkle hygge all over the world

Read more about hygge, here and see a video about hygge, here


My best hygge/coziness tips

  • Create time every day for hygge – (even 5 min is better than no hygge)
  • Light some candles
  • make time for hygge in the morning
  • Invite the family to sit down to just be together (even if only for a few minutes – no electronics)
  • make hygge a priority
  • Create a cozy space in the midst of all
  • Give someone a hug
  • Have dinner together  – as often as possible.
  • Cook together
  • Initiate play
  • Fresh flowers
  • Take time to create hygge for yourself – a good book, candle light, a hot bath whatever it means for you
  • Put on some good music – tidy the clutter
  • Dim the lights
  • See a great movie together

Another article about Hygge here

17 thoughts on “Top tips for creating Christmas coziness

  1. Thanks for introducing us to the concept of “Hygge.” Sounds like the key to happiness at the holidays, and all year round. I guess I’m attracting to Hygge naturally, since I like to spend a few minutes by myself each morning with the tree lights on to take it all in. Great post Anne!

    • Oh yes I think so – you are a natural 🙂
      Don’t you just love those mornings? – They are perfect for “hygge”.
      I am sure the tree must be so beautiful with the lights on!
      Thank you for your comment!

  2. I love learning new words .. and today it is “hygge”, but I am not sure I am pronuncing it correctly though 😉 Oddly enough I can’t think of an equivalent in my mother tongue :O

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