World Diabetes Day

Today is World Diabetes Day – A good time to spread some awareness about an illness that has blown out of proportion, an illness that has sky-rocket!

An illness that kills!

According to Harvard School of Public health, more than 24 million Americans have diabetes!

In 2007, diabetes cost an estimated $116 billion in excess medical spending – not to forget the terrible effects and consequences it has on the people who suffer the disease.

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness and kidney failure among adults. Diabetes increases the risk of heart disease. It is the leading cause of death in USA, causing 70.000 deaths each year! But,

The good news are that diabetes 2 is preventable – according to the article Simple Steps to Preventing Diabetes from Harvard School of Public Health, 9 out of 10 cases could be avoided by life style changes such as:

  • By loosing weight and keeping weight under control
  • by exercising more – lack of exercise is as dangerous as smoking
  • by eating a healthy diet
  • stop smoking

I would like to share a documentary with you that shows just how effective lifestyle changes can be!  This is the trailer

And here is the full version

Documentary cures for diabetes – see for yourself

6 thoughts on “World Diabetes Day

  1. That’s amazing info Anne! It really is so sad how bad it is and how so many people refuse to make lifestyle changes. Even people who “think” they eat healthy by consuming frozen meals (light meals) are still doing damage because they are loaded with sodium and processed and full of preservatives! People just refuse to eat their fast food. Everybody also complains about health care costs, yet so much of it is preventable!

    • Thank you Brandi! You are so right!
      I think we are trapped and blind – in reality it is so simple. We need real honest food – food that nourishes us and helps us thrive.
      Have you ever seen the documentary “Food Matters”? It is such an eye opener. It blew me away!

  2. Seeing how young people eat and drink (sugary drinks) is frightening. Now these days, most young parents don’t bother to prepare healthy food for their kids…

    • Yes you are right Amy – it is scary!
      I think it can be so hard for young parents to make ends meet not only economically but also time wise.
      I wish all kids could eat home cooked healthy food every day – I wish they could come home from school and sniff in the gorgeous smells of something cooking on the stove, while they did their homework. Enjoying the meal around the table with parents who have time to listen. All children deserve that!

  3. My little brother has diabetes. He is a twin and is only just starting to realise why he isn’t allowed things that his brother and other kids are. He has type 1 and relies on direct insulin injections.

    • I am sorry – it must be hard for him both to understand and accept!
      Of cause type 1 you can’t cure with life style changes and you need your insulin – but a healthy life can make it easier and with symptoms fewer.
      I admire how the children learn to live with and manage diseases like diabetes 1 – they are so amazing!!
      Love to your brother!

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