Immune Boosting Smoothie

Autumn is here, the leaves are turning bright red and orange. The days are getting shorter and cooler. The air is fresh and crisp, with a beautiful smell of earth. I love this time of year!

It is one of my favorite times to go running, the woods are beautiful and the temperature is just right.

It is also time to carve pumpkins, light the candles, light a fire in the fireplace, roast chestnuts and curl up with a good book and a cup of tea.

But it is also the time of year where we are particular prone to catching colds and nasty flues. So, as a precaution it is the perfect time to boost the immune system and load up on some natural

vitamin C.

We all need a shot of energy!

Today I created this Immune Boosting Smoothie – made with buckets of natural vitamin C, citrus, kale, grapes, ginger, apples and love.

Immune – Boosting Smoothie

A generous handful of fresh kale

2 small apples

1 grapefruit

1/2 lemon

1  lime fruit

2 slices of fresh ginger

a big bunch of green grapes

1 kiwi

filtered water for the right consistency

crushed ice

Blend it all together – and enjoy an instant boost of natural vitamin C to keep those nasty colds and runny noses away!

10 thoughts on “Immune Boosting Smoothie

  1. Did the kale make it bitter at all? My brother has a juicer and he made something with kale, arrugula, cucumber, and some fruit, which turned out to be undrinkable. You seem to have the right idea though with more fruit than greens!

    • I love kale and I use it all the time, in juices, in smoothies, in salads and as chips 🙂 I don’t think it is bitter – it is so good in juice and smoothies with fruit!
      Arugula I love it – but it can have a really bitter taste, so maybe there was too much arugula in your brothers juice. I have made some pretty undrinkable juices along the way 🙂
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I can feel the love you put into that smoothie coming out of the photos! I think I’ll be making that smoothie lots this winter. The neighborhood we live in has so many children that its both wonderful, and a cesspool of germs!

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