Easy Crackers

These crackers are so tasty and they can be whipped up in minutes. It is a Danish recipe from a friend and the original recipe calls for wheat flour. But another of my friends, who is allergic to gluten, uses buckwheat, rice flour and chickpea flour. The thing is that you can use any flour you like for this recipe and they will be crispy and good

note however that some types of flour may need some assistance in sticking together. For example, in this recipe, I used chickpea flour, and I needed to add 1/4 extra flour to get the right consistency.

Easy Crackers

(1 dl = 0.42 cups)

1 dl chickpea flour

1/4 dl wheat flour

1 dl sunflower seeds

1 dl sesame seeds

1 dl flax seeds

1/4 dl olive oil

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 dl water

Mix it all the ingredients together – and put the dough on a piece of baking paper. Put another piece of baking paper on top (so the roller won’t stick) and then roll it as thin as you can get (or to the thickness that you prefer). When it is evenly rolled out remove the top piece of baking paper and put the rolled out cracker dough (still on the bottom piece of baking paper) onto a baking tray.Ā  Cut it into squares and bake in 350F hot oven for 12-14 min – till they are slightly golden.

Take them out and leave them to cool. Enjoy the crispy crackers with honey and a cup of tea………………

Or for lunch with hummus like this…………….

Or perhaps with cheese like this…………… and a glass of wine

Or just on their own!

Keep them in an air tight container.

18 thoughts on “Easy Crackers

    • Hi Erika – wonderful that you are enjoying the crackers! Great idea to add some different flavors too!
      I haven’t tried it but, how about adding – sun dried tomatoes and black olives or some fresh Rosemary or perhaps cumin seeds. I could also imagine them sweetened with some dates and chocolate chips. You could also add goji berries or raisins.
      Would love to hear about your cracker adventure šŸ™‚
      Great to hear from you Erika!

  1. How do you measure out 0.42 cups of flour? I can use a half cup measuring cup, but it’s just going to be eyeballed, not precise.

    • I agree it’s close to impossible, unless you have dl as well on your measuring jug! My Danish recipe is in dl unfortunately. So I looked up what 1 dl is equivalent to in cups which showed the rather user unfriendly 0.42 cups.
      I will try next time I make them, to convert the recipe into more user friendly cups for people who don’t use dl.
      I am really sorry for the inconvenience!

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