Make running part of your life – for good

Jogging is such a perfect way to unwind, relax your mind, and recharge the body. It is impossible to go out for a run and return back, grumpy – it’s simply, not possible. Jogging is an excellent mood enhancer, it works every time! Professionally, it is often a part of the treatment for depression and stress.

Jogging is also a great way to solve problems and ignite your creative juices. Feeling empty or stuck with a problem? Get changed, put on the old running shoes and hit the road. Chances are that the problem will solve itself as you run – all of a sudden you can see things in a new perspective and find a solution.

Running/jogging is a great way to get some “you time” – away from it all.

I am sure most of us will agree that jogging is good for us, but many will also agree with me that it is really hard to actually establish the routine of running, several times a week, every week, every month, every year, year after year.

I see too many people out there looking as though they are not enjoying it at all – pressuring themselves way too hard, beyond healthy, looking stressed, in pain almost – running is just another thing on the to-do-list.

Considering running as a chore is stressful, no fun and you are much more likely to injure yourself ! I’m quite sure that running this way is not healthy either!

I have been a jogger, on an off, my whole life – but it is not until 2 years ago, that I have actually become a faithful runner and I couldn’t live without it!

While out running the other day, I was thinking “how did it happen?”.  For years, I had been an on-and-off runner, usually running  2-3 K max two or three times a week. I would be doing this for some months and then the “monkey mind” would finally convince me I didn’t need it any longer. Then I would stop for a couple of months, till I finally got a grip on my self and started all over again. I did not enjoy it, I forced myself and I actually hated it! I also got injured from running again and again, my knees would bother me, then one foot would become sore with plantar fasciitis, and I would stop, again!

This is how I did it

I was told about Jeff Galloway’s Run -Walk -Run program and that changed everything for me

Jeff Galloway is my hero – he taught me all I needed to know to motivate me to hit the road and keep running.

Galloway is an American Olympian and after many injuries he invented his “Run-Walk-Run” method that has inspired thousands to start running and keep at it. He is the author of many books – he even wrote a book called “Running until you’re 100”!  His message is clear – anyone can run!

By adding more walks in to your runs you:

  • Run injury free
  • your muscles recover faster after each run
  • you gently but surely improve your capability
  • you listen to your body
  • your runs are stress free
  • your runs are enjoyable
  • you feel the improvement week after week

I swear by Galloway’s program. It fits perfect with my philosophy that we have to listen to the body and do mindful running.

This is how I got started, inspired by Galloway:

  •  Run-walk-run, every other day – so for example Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday is your, run-walk-run days
  •  30 min every time
  • Then Mondays – Wednesdays – Fridays,  are walk days – 30 min.
  • Saturdays, a longer run – by doing this, you really improve! You will feel that your usual 30 min run-walk-run becomes a piece of cake – a run in the park 🙂
  • Sunday is rest day – important to have this!
  • Try to get out the same time, every day – to create a routine.
  • Find a running buddy – it is always easier if you know someone is waiting for you out there.
  • Make time – wake up an hour early, for example. Do you know how beautiful it is outside early in the morning? (see this)

In the beginning I was walking a lot more than I was running. To be totally honest with you I could not run 10 steps without being out of breath. As I kept to the program, each time I could run a little longer. It doesn’t matter, as long as we get out – that is the most important.

By following this program you will very quickly, feel improvement. Make sure you can always carry on a conversation without huffing and puffing. Take it easy – AND put in as many walk breaks as you need. Who cares?

I love Oscar Wilde’s philosophical quote:- Life is too important to be taken seriously! This is true when it comes to running too!

Get out, have fun and above all enjoy your run!!

Links to Jeff Galloway’s website and books;

Jeff Galloway

Running, getting started

Running until you’re 100

14 thoughts on “Make running part of your life – for good

  1. I love your post – and I agree 100 % – it’s about enjoying the time you train in, and it’s about getting out and use the body regularly. I myself am one of those who have not always been good to keep in the good habits, but I have just got a dog and I love it for forcing me out EVERY morning, we do not run to much yet, it is only a puppy, I am looking forward till we get a little more speed on the morning trips.

    Thank you for sharing, and for reminding, I love your blog!

  2. I definitely agreed with everything written in this post, with the exception of your comment relating to ‘it’s impossible to return from a run grumpy.’ And it’s possible this has to do with my own, personal, relationship with running, but running, for me, is as much mental, as it is physical. And oh how the mental part can make or break a run for me and my mood following. My muscles are seasoned, but my mind still has much learning to do (and this is even after finishing my first marathon).

    As it stands now, if I have a good run, I feel amazing, incredible (add about a million other positive adjectives here). But, if my run is crappy due to A. psyching myself out during the run (example: woman running past me in the park is clearly a better runner than me, the following goes through my mind ‘Okay she’s better than me. She’s passing me. Why am I not better than this. Maybe if I had more of a runner’s body shape, like that woman, I would be better. Why do I not have a better body shape?!’ *cue meltdown*) B. not pushing myself hard enough, my goodness it leaves me in a funk for a good few hours following. I think my relationship with running is still a love/hate one, though I’d prefer it to be a fully loving one.

    I’m thinking that I might try the run-walk-run method during my next run to see if anything changes. In any event, thanks for the post! Very informative (and inspiring) 🙂

    • Yes you are right the critical mind can make any run awful and we return grumpy and miserable – if we believe what it says. I think the critical mind is the biggest challenge we have.
      I question mine – “so okay what if she is faster than me – does it really matter”? ” who says I have to compete? – do I really want to compete or do I want to get fresh air, exercise and enjoy it while I run” – I think it is really important that we are gentle and compassionate towards ourselves – also when we run!
      I am so glad you bring this up! Thank you for you comment and thoughts!

      • You’re right and I think trying that mind-set would do me a world of difference. At the end of the day, it is all about getting the fresh air and just enjoying the run! Thanks for your kind words and looking forward to reading more from your blog 🙂

  3. This was fantastic! the mentality of ‘get your butt out there and do it’ is always echoing in my mind…’s SO great to hear this approach. It actually sounds fun (go figure!) and like something I want to do 🙂

  4. So, so true! I love to run (actually, I don’t much like the running part, but love the benefits and how I feel between runs when I’m consistent) Also love Jeff G. – inspiration!

    • Thank you Anne – me too! I think this running recipe works really well, take Galloway add a bit of self compassion and a sprinkle of mindfulness and voila – a joyful run 🙂

  5. I’m 60 in 2 days and I’ve just started running this year. At first it was a chore but I love it now. I try to walk/run every other day and walk on alternate days. I see an improvement every time I run. Thanks for the tip.

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