Resetting the body-clock

A whole week on plant-based foods! Plant-wild week check it out here

  • I feel  full of energy
  • I lost 2 1/2 kg
  • my skin feels healthy
  • my eyes are clear
  • I feel in balance/content
  • my runs are easier – I run for longer without feeling the need to stop
  • cravings for unhealthy foods ceased

2 years ago I would never have believed that food matters so much! I knew that I had to eat fruits and vegetables and that it was supposed to be good for me, but I had no idea it could change my life the way it has!

For those, who are new to this blog  – I was suffering desperately from Meniere’s disease, I had terribly high cholesterol and I had put on 17 kg! I felt dreadful and did not have the will-power to do anything about it, I felt stuck!

Food changed all of that! I added green smoothies to my diet and got more energy, started to crave more green food and craved less of all the things that were not good for me. I started to run and I started to exchange some of my meals for plant-based meals. Sometimes, I would do whole days on plant-based foods – eventually eating only plant-based food from Monday to Friday, every now and then. I changed the balance of what I ate, so that I had much more fruits and vegetables, nuts, and grains, than meat and dairy. Nourishing and feeding my body – rather than filling myself up. This past week I tried an only-plant-based week and it was great.

Eating more plant-based has been like resetting my clock. Now I don’t feel hungry all the time, I feel nourished and satisfied. I no longer feel the need to fill my plate 3 times, at every meal.

I used to live to eat and I still do, but not in the same way!

I am mostly plant-based and I enjoy adding delicious fish or meat to my meals, but not with every meal. I also enjoy creme brulee and fabulous cheeses, but not with every meal.

I believe that the high cholesterol, Meniere’s disease and the 17 kg over-weight, was my body’s way of “telling” me, there was an imbalance  – something needed to change.

Today my Meniere’s disease is gone, my cholesterol is normal without medication,  I have lost 19 kg, I feel better and fitter than ever before!

This week has been like giving my body a holiday, spoiling it with foods that supports it, feeds it, and nourishes every cell.

My family supported me all the way – not everyone was plant-based all week, but I am proud of them for what they did! Loving that they tried, exchanging the majority of their meals with plant-based foods and for being so open to try. Changes do not happen over night – it happens by taking one healthy step at a time.

19 thoughts on “Resetting the body-clock

  1. Amazing Anne! I love what you’ve accomplished. I’m always plant wild, but feel the need for another green smoothie challenge to reset my body as well.

  2. I am SO happy for you! Dear friends told me about The China Study, how cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases could not only be turned off by Plant Based eating but turned around. I read the book and it blew my mind. My Plant Based endeavors began. I used to get pains down my left arm, up into my jaw and had a doctor told me if I got it again to go right to an ER, at 38! Heart disease runs rampant in my family and has taken too many too young. It’s been 8 mos now and I am wide eyed over the change in my body, my energy, vitality, my skin!…the list literally goes on!
    I am SO happy for you. I look forward to reading more 🙂

    • Yes, I love that book, it blew my mind too and gave me hope – there are so many things we can do to improve our health!
      I am SO happy for you, that you found “the China Study” and have changed things around, now feeling the amazing results!! Congratulations, that is so wonderful!!!
      Thank you so much!!!

    • Thank you so much!!
      Yes, it really is possible to change and achieve health – even little things can make a big difference, I love that!
      Thank you for stopping by and for commenting 🙂

  3. I so need to do this (reset my clock!) My evenings have become progressively longer and though I do get a boatload of work done, my body’s suffering for it! Thanks for a great kick in the pants 😀

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