Morning run in the clear blue

The weather here on the west coast of  Canada has been grey, cold and rainy all winter so many of my morning runs have been in pouring rain. But, I don’t mind, I actually think it has its charms – the freshness and the coolness of the air is invigorating. But…I must admit that it is much more fun when the sun is shining and the sea is calm — like this morning!  I hit the road at 7 am with my friend and running partner – and as we solve the world’s problems as we run, I always return with a light heart and a smile on my face.


The Olympic Mountains (USA) in the background. Amazing clear blue sky.

This arrangement made me laugh!

By the lighthouse at the end of the pier.

You can walk on the side of the pier on these impressive stones.

The lighthouse in its full beauty.

The pier – not protected by anything – which is quite amazing considering. It gives me a sense of freedom as I head out to the lighthouse.

Beautiful wild flowers and grass – I adore that everything is natural and allowed to be wild.

Mr. Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

The sea is as clam as my soul after a good run.

Hope you have a great Saturday !

16 thoughts on “Morning run in the clear blue

  1. I love morning runs as well. And I miss Dallas Road!!! I loved walking or running that sidewalk when I lived in Victoria. Great pics… but I have to ask, did you carry a camera while u ran? Or are those from your phone?

  2. I feel rejuvenated just looking at the pictures! Must be nice to see it in person and do a morning run.

  3. What a beautiful place to run! It’s really a great way to start the day – and if you have such a pretty place to run, it must be rather easy to get out there. I have recently started running in our local forest instead of just on the roads and it’s so lovely to run there – definitely makes it easier to get moving!

    • Hi Christina – thanks for visiting!
      I live in a beautiful place for running. However it can still be hard to get up and out there, but I never regret it 🙂
      Sounds wonderful that you have started running in the forest!!

      • Yeah, I guess it can. I still wonder how it can feel so good afterwards but sometimes be so difficult before… And yes, the forest is an amazing place to run.

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