Spicy young coconut soup

This past week we have had some wonderfully warm and delicious summer days. So, with weather like that, and all the fresh and wonderful produce available I really enjoy creating and devouring new raw food  dishes. It’s fresh, it’s tasty and it is so good for body and soul .

Today, I was inspired by a fresh young coconut and thought: “How about some chilled, raw, spicy coconut soup?” – what a great meal that could be!.

So I cracked open a young coconut – but … it was not as easy as it sounds! However, in the end well worth it. I poured the nutritious coconut water into the blender and scraped out the soft and delicate coconut meat.

I added 2 cups of filtered water into the blender with the fresh coconut water.

Then I took:

the meat of the coconut

4 fresh lime leaves

Freshly squeezed lime juice – I used 4 of the small key limes

1 clove of garlic

2 tbl. spoons  of Braggs

2 teaspoons of good curry paste – different curry pastes have different strength,so add less and try as you go till it fits your taste

A slice of fresh ginger

2 handfuls of almonds

2 medjool dates

And blended it all into a creamy delicious raw soup base!

For the filling I finely chopped some ripe cherry tomatoes – the “reder” the better, some  zucchini, some mushrooms – I use either Portobello or brown, and added some sprigs of coriander.

Sprinkle the filler over the chilled soup and serve with extra cilantro. You can use any of your favorite vegetable as filling.

and … Enjoy!!!

16 thoughts on “Spicy young coconut soup

  1. That looks delicious. I am going to pass along this link to a friend who was interested in making more raw food “main courses”. She had been experimenting and had been finding “desserts” easier to make and she is looking for more ideas. Thank you!

  2. Wow Anne – so creative and beautiful! It looks spectacular, and young coconuts are such a treat!

  3. Yummi, sounds so delicious. Should have known this recipe when in Thailand, the land of coconuts. There I have had the young coconuts, but I don’t think we can get them here in Denmark, they get brown and hard on the long journey! I will ask though in my local Thai-shop and make this wonderful soup, perfect for a warm summer day.

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