Trying to stay healthy on the road

Here I am visiting Copenhagen – one of my favorite cities in the world and the place I was born. It is also the home town of Noma chosen as THE best restaurant in the world. Denmark is the “France” of Scandinavia and a mecca for amazing restaurants and gourmet food. Oh yes, and home of the famous Danish pastry!

Yes, you bet, temptations on every single corner!  On top of that seeing family and friends every day for lunch and being invited home for scrumptious dinners. So fantastic and at the same time so easy to make unhealthy choices.

So what to do?

For me it is about balance. I could say yes, and go out for fabulous meals at every mealtime. But I can also choose to meet for lunch at the local juice bar and join my friends for a delicious green juice. It is more about being together and green juice and socializing works  (surprisingly) well together!

If I drink a green juice and have some fruit for breakfast I get the nourishment my body needs and I feel content – content in a way that I can pass all the Danish pastries in Copenhagen without needing to eat them.

At the same time having met my needs for nourishment I can eat whatever I feel like eating for lunch.

I brought my jogging gear and a jogging tour through the old streets of Copenhagen is quite an experience a great way to see the city!

It is true it is difficult to stay healthy on the road but my biggest challenge is in reality ME. I am the one who can make healthy choices or unhealthy choices. I decide if I want to put on the jogging shoes and hit the road or stay home and eat pastries. I will do a bit of both I will also enjoy a Danish pastry and gourmet meals. Balance is the key for me.

How do you stay healthy on the road?

6 thoughts on “Trying to stay healthy on the road

  1. I live in the US, but my parents were second generation in the US from Denmark. I have always wanted to travel there. My favorite writer is Isak Dinesen. My last name is Boysen.

    • Wow that is amazing Richard Boysen !!!
      You must come to DK I am sure you would absolutely love it!!! Denmark is such a beautiful place and you have roots here ! Wow!!
      I adore Isak Dinesen she was incredile!
      Come in spring or summer, it is magic 🙂

      • I would really like to. I am a distance runner. Years ago, there was a Danish Runner named Auden Boysen who was my childhood running hero. He had great results and received a lot of press notice here in America.

      • I am a distance runner and a Danish Runner named Auden Boysen was an internationally acclaimed miler. He was a role model when I was quite young.

  2. I bike when I am on the road and in winter, snowshoe. Doesn’t mean I can always successfully restrain myself since we tend to eat out at restaurants on vacation. We were in Copenhagen 2 yrs. ago for 5 days while my partner attended a conference for a chunk of time.

    Goodness, those areas certainly look super quiet early morning before the hordes of tourists!

    My impressions as a cycling city with pics:

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