Have you touched base with yourself today?

Life can be hectic. Always something going on, family, work, friends, house work, chores, obligations and on top of that, Facebook, emails,  the phone,  internet , the News, the television, the radio, the phone ringing, another text message coming in. It is constantly going on from early morning till late at night – you’re on – 24/7.

When did you last say good morning to yourself? How are you?  So often we touch base with the world but forget to nurture ourselves.  Like an instinct, we put others before ourselves, it happens automatically. Not that other people are not important, they are!  The problem is when other people become more important than you! That is a big problem! Because in the end we have nothing more to give, we become grumpy, hollow, empty and burned out.

It is not selfish to take time for yourself – it’s vital! Crucial for your well-being and for being able to make a difference in this world.

A car cannot run without gas, the phone does not work without a loaded battery – that is obvious and we know that. But somehow we think we can magically run forever without recharging our batteries. We lose if we try to keep that up and it is a misconception that we think we have to.

We become more alive if we care for ourselves, we are more fun to be with when we care for ourselves. We are better parents when we look after our own needs and by doing so, we also teach our children to care for themselves. We perform better and we are more creative when we are not stressed and burned out. We get less depressed and less anxious. We get more energy.  We are less sick.

Here are some of my favorite ways to reconnect with myself and recharge my batteries :

Meditate – even 5 min if I don’t have much time – it makes a big difference.

Writing is amazing – I can feel disconnected and write myself home within a very short time.

A good run – when I am overwhelmed and feel my brain is going to crash any minute, a good run refreshes me and I always come back with a smile on my face.

Peace within is not something we have to learn, it is there already – but we have to remember to connect to it.

What are your favorite ways to  reconnect?

4 thoughts on “Have you touched base with yourself today?

  1. One of my favourite ways to reconnect with myself is listening to music. I swear sometimes it’s like my iPod knows my soul… Too often have I placed it on “shuffle” and the perfect song will happen to come on!

  2. Dear Anne
    Congratulations the second time around.
    It’s a two in a row. For sure there will be
    more to come- As you touch more people lives. Sharing your Thoughts make others benefit on the experience of reality in life
    you share.
    You have great impact in my life as I read your blog its exactly what I needed. It’s not about doing good things but changing attitude towards situation.

    It’s paying ATTENTION on which DiRECTION to take then it will lead to your DESTINATION.
    Im having a clean up- it’s a clean slate and a turning point for me. And it has to start n myself then everything else follows.

    To touch base with myself is the key. You give guidelines on how to have a jumpstart as I maintain my walk on the right path.

    Thanks you so much. please continue
    To touch and inspire other people lives as they
    Learn to reconnect with their inner self.
    I will have high Tea with friends and i will surely share your website and blogs-
    Interesting topic to discuss with friends.
    Both healthy recipes and emotional health- Well that’s being healthy inside out.
    A perfect formula For a complete, stable and healthy well being.

    Congratulations and all the best 😉

    • Dearest Espee,
      thank you so much for your feed back and support. I really appreciate it!
      I am thrilled you can use the information and I am so grateful you are here 🙂
      Much love

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