Baked Yams and Sweet Potatoes

This one is a bestseller – healthy, easy to make and so so tasty. I often serve it on its own or with a green salad or with a quinoa salad. It is so filling and satisfying.

2 yams
2 sweet potatoes
2 big red onions

Cut it all into wedges, spread them on to a baking tray, drizzle with some olive oil, salt, pepper and some freshly chopped rosemary – dried rosemary will do too. Bake in the oven for about an hr at 360F
If you have any left overs – have them cold the next day on a salad.

All or Nothing

It is kind of funny that when I tell people: “I eat Raw food and vegan plant-based food”. They usually look at me and say “but then you can’t eat meat or dairy products!” To which I answer: “Of course I can!” I eat everything and I don’t restrict myself – in any way. All I make sure of is that most of the food I eat is plant-based. I do this because I love the way I feel when I eat this way – I have clarity, energy, peace of mind, balance, and I feel content and healthy. Happy Health!

Our diets should be 80/20 alkaline/acidic. However, our typical ratio of acidic to alkaline food is 20/80! – just the opposite! Most of what we eat creates acidity in the body! Things like meat, cheese and milk products, processed food, white bread, soda, energy drinks, white sugar create acidity in the body. Stress also adds to acidity in the body. And, the more acidic the body is the more health problems we have! Disease thrives in an acidic environment! Eating plant-based food or a diet that is high in plant-based foods will make your body more alkaline and will also help to prevent and even reverse heart disease, lower your cholesterol, prevent diabetes. You will loose weight and/or maintain ideal weight, lower blood pressure, improve mental health, and countless more.
Plant foods promote health!

One of my heroes is the New York Times’ food journalist Mark Bittman. His life style lead him to sickness, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, he suffered from sleep apnea, had bad knees and weighed 35 pounds too much. His doctor suggested he tried a vegan diet – sounds like a joke, the man is a food writer 😉 But he had to do something so he invented Vb6! Vegan before 6 – meaning he only eats plant based food during the day until 6pm. In 3 months he had lost 35 pounds, his cholesterol went down and stayed down, “it solved everything” he says. He had so much energy that he started to jog & run – today he runs marathons! Vb6 – think about it!

We need to look differently at the way we eat and take action to save our lives – and the planet. See this Ted Talk, where Bittman talks about how we not only improve our health by eating plants, but we will also reduce our carbon foot print.

Zucchini pasta tossed in delicious tomato sauce

I love this dish – it is so easy to prepare, for lunch for dinner or as a side dish and it is so tasty with all the fresh ingredients.

One zucchini

4 very ripe tomatoes
1/4 red pepper
1 small garlic
4 sun dried tomatoes (if dried soak them in water first)
1 tbs dried Oregano
a small bunch of fresh basil
2 tbs of olive oil
pinch of sea salt
pinch of dried chili (if you like it hot)

Wash the zucchini and shave with a potato peeler into long “Fettucini”
Blend all the ingredients to the sauce and taste with salt and pepper. Mix the “Fettucini” with the fresh tomato sauce. Add sprigs of fresh basil and serve.

Raw asparagus salat

Raw asparagus have such a wonderful crunchy texture and a beautiful nutty flavour, they are great in salads. This scrumptious salad is perfect as a lunch dish or for dinner served with quinoa salad or couscous salad.

One bunch of asparagus
one red pepper


4 tbs of Braggs or Nama shoyu
2 tbs maple syrup
2 tbs olive oil
one clove of freshly squeezed garlic
freshly grated ginger

Slice the red peber and half the asparagus – mix them together in a bowl, add the marinade and sprinkle with some raw sesame seeds.

Yummy breakfast Musli

This Breakfast has become a favourite in our family. It is tasty, it’s filling and it leaves you satisfied and nourished for hours.
I remember once I was in Switzerland and there I had the most tasty musli. I am not sure how it was made, but when I came home I managed to recreate something that tasted just as good, but it was also very rich and not so healthy if you eat it every day. I made it from oats that was soaked in full fat yoghurt and a bit of cream, a dash of honey, grated apple, chopped nuts – this had been soaked overnight in the fridge. In the morning I served it with some fresh blueberries and a bit of Acacia honey – it is very very nice.
I wanted to make a healthier version – because I feel much better when I cut out or down on milk products, but I wanted it to be just as tasty.
Here it is – it took some attempts in the kitchen lab, but it was well worth it. Easiest and healthiest fast food, prepared in minutes.This portion is enough for a couple of days and it keeps excellent in the fridge.

Raw food musli

Raw food musli


In the blender/food processor add:

I take one cup of oats,
2 good handfuls of raw almonds
one big apple cut into chunks
6-8 Medjool dates ( more or less depending on how sweet your tooth is)
1 cup of filtered water
Blend it all – not too much because it is nice if it keeps it’s crunchiness
Serve with fresh berries, slices of banana or orange and a bit of acacia honey if you like.

You can add a little less water and add an orange – orange and dates are the perfect match. You can add a bit of cinnamon or cardamom

Stop bullying

Wednesday last week was anti bullying day – way to go! It is really important to focus on bullying – a topic that affects many peoples lives every day. Both the victims and the bullies!

It is important to help the victims, support them and do everything we can to protect them from bullying. I am sure we have all tried to be bullied to various degrees and we can all agree that it is awful and can have life-long effects.

But in order to really make a difference and get to the root of bullying we have to also understand the bully. No one bullies because they want to be mean or evil, it’s because of the pain inside. You can say bullying is pain projected out into the world. When I worked with children of alcoholics I met children who were terrible bullies – it was their way of coping with anxiety, frustration and pain. It was their way of coping with being humiliated by parents, by being beaten emotionally, physically or sexually. They did not know how to express how they felt and what they needed so bullying was the only way. It was a scream for help but no one heard it …………… was a way to say, I feel so alone, I feel inadequate and unlovable, I am scared and terrified to go home.

I am not saying that bullying is okay. It is absolutely NOT okay and we need to stop it. But how? Is punishment the way to stop it ?

What if we look at the bully we all have inside – and we all have one. It is the one who tells us we are not good enough, intelligent enough or it tell us we are ugly or too fat or never gonna amount to anything in life. It can even be so nasty that it holds us back from living our lives – it keeps commenting on and censoring everything we do. Could we punish it to behave?

The bully, both the one that is projected out and the one turned inward is really screaming for help. What if we stopped and asked, with out judging, with compassion and love – ” Please, I really want to understand you, tell me what is it you are really trying to tell us?

When my inner bully is active it has no mercy, it is the meanest thing on earth and it keeps going at me – until I realize what is going on. Then I can embrace it and ask it what is the matter? Often it will tell me that it feels really hurt by something someone said or did – but because emotions can be so hard to hold and express I turn it in, rather than talk about it. The inner bully is an alarm for me now – I know for sure that if I catch my inner bully in beating me up, there is something I have not expressed.The same thing with the bullies we meet in school, through work or other places – there is something underneath that needs attention and love.

Loving the inner and outer bully is the only way to heal – it is getting to the root of it. Quieting it forever or until next time and we can ask it  “Hey buddy what’s really up, what is it you really need to express? “

Hungry for Change

About a year ago I saw the documentary “Food Matters” for the first time – it is one of those documentaries that stays with you forever, you talk about it, you recommend it to anyone and everyone who will listen. It has had a profound impact on the way I look at food today.  Food Matters exams how the food we eat can either help or hurt our health. It is an eye opener in a big way !  I recommend it to you right here right now!
Here is the link to the documentary Food Matters

Hippocrates said ” Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”

The people behind Food Matters are now out with a second documentary called “Hungry for Change – Your Health is in your Hands” There will be a world online free premiere of the documentary from March 21-31 2012. During this time you can watch the 90 min long documentary online for free. I have already signed up

>>> click this to sign up for “Hungry For Change”

What I think is wildly encouraging and comforting at the same time, is that there really are so many things we can do that can benefit our health tremendously.