All or Nothing

It is kind of funny that when I tell people: “I eat Raw food and vegan plant-based food”. They usually look at me and say “but then you can’t eat meat or dairy products!” To which I answer: “Of course I can!” I eat everything and I don’t restrict myself – in any way. All I make sure of is that most of the food I eat is plant-based. I do this because I love the way I feel when I eat this way – I have clarity, energy, peace of mind, balance, and I feel content and healthy. Happy Health!

Our diets should be 80/20 alkaline/acidic. However, our typical ratio of acidic to alkaline food is 20/80! – just the opposite! Most of what we eat creates acidity in the body! Things like meat, cheese and milk products, processed food, white bread, soda, energy drinks, white sugar create acidity in the body. Stress also adds to acidity in the body. And, the more acidic the body is the more health problems we have! Disease thrives in an acidic environment! Eating plant-based food or a diet that is high in plant-based foods will make your body more alkaline and will also help to prevent and even reverse heart disease, lower your cholesterol, prevent diabetes. You will loose weight and/or maintain ideal weight, lower blood pressure, improve mental health, and countless more.
Plant foods promote health!

One of my heroes is the New York Times’ food journalist Mark Bittman. His life style lead him to sickness, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, he suffered from sleep apnea, had bad knees and weighed 35 pounds too much. His doctor suggested he tried a vegan diet – sounds like a joke, the man is a food writer 😉 But he had to do something so he invented Vb6! Vegan before 6 – meaning he only eats plant based food during the day until 6pm. In 3 months he had lost 35 pounds, his cholesterol went down and stayed down, “it solved everything” he says. He had so much energy that he started to jog & run – today he runs marathons! Vb6 – think about it!

We need to look differently at the way we eat and take action to save our lives – and the planet. See this Ted Talk, where Bittman talks about how we not only improve our health by eating plants, but we will also reduce our carbon foot print.

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