Yummy breakfast Musli

This Breakfast has become a favourite in our family. It is tasty, it’s filling and it leaves you satisfied and nourished for hours.
I remember once I was in Switzerland and there I had the most tasty musli. I am not sure how it was made, but when I came home I managed to recreate something that tasted just as good, but it was also very rich and not so healthy if you eat it every day. I made it from oats that was soaked in full fat yoghurt and a bit of cream, a dash of honey, grated apple, chopped nuts – this had been soaked overnight in the fridge. In the morning I served it with some fresh blueberries and a bit of Acacia honey – it is very very nice.
I wanted to make a healthier version – because I feel much better when I cut out or down on milk products, but I wanted it to be just as tasty.
Here it is – it took some attempts in the kitchen lab, but it was well worth it. Easiest and healthiest fast food, prepared in minutes.This portion is enough for a couple of days and it keeps excellent in the fridge.

Raw food musli

Raw food musli


In the blender/food processor add:

I take one cup of oats,
2 good handfuls of raw almonds
one big apple cut into chunks
6-8 Medjool dates ( more or less depending on how sweet your tooth is)
1 cup of filtered water
Blend it all – not too much because it is nice if it keeps it’s crunchiness
Serve with fresh berries, slices of banana or orange and a bit of acacia honey if you like.

You can add a little less water and add an orange – orange and dates are the perfect match. You can add a bit of cinnamon or cardamom

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