Be positive – is something we hear often or even say to others. However it is very hard to be positive in an authentic way if there is something underneath that is bothering us or even hurting us. It is like a beach ball, if we try to hold he bugger down down under water, but it keeps coming up to the surface as soon as we let go of it. Shame, pain and worry are all signs that we need to find a place where we feel safe to talk – share how we really feel from the heart with someone who knows how to be compassionate and listen.

Quite often when we find out that we are not alone shame disappears and the pain dissolves – feelings are not dangerous. They are there to guide us.

When we suppress our needs and feelings, it creates an imbalance that we may experience in many different ways: lack of sparkle, stress, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, overeating or addictions etc. These symptoms are also the body’s way of getting our attention to the fact that something is wrong – that we have become disconnected from ourselves.

Underneath dissatisfaction, stress or low self esteem are feelings. Many of us have had to disconnect from those feelings because they were not accepted where we came from when we were little. That is totally natural and in fact very wise, we needed to survive. The problem is If we cannot feel them we will not know how to protect ourselves, set boundaries or feel what is good for us. Feel what it is that we need to do in order to feel content again. The feelings have a message for us and we need them in order to navigate in our lives. Feelings are our personal GPS they are part of our true nature and when we start to sense them again, we receive balance and harmony in return, a sense of contentedness and freedom. This is where positive and happiness comes natural and not as a thing we try to pretend we are.

Jung said: Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens

If you feel there is something underneath that stops you from feeling content and happy I recommend:

  • Meet with a trusted, supportive and compassionate friend and share
  • Consult your diary – diaries are great. Here  you can write anything and no one needs to see it. Pour your heart out on the pages
  • You may want to find a good therapist, coach or psychologist
  • Be compassionate and mild with yourself
  • Meditate, take some time to be alone

Even if we are not quite sure what is bothering us talking, sharing, writing and meditating are all ways to heal.

What’s next

After I started drinking smoothies my cravings stopped – well not completely true, my carvings for the food that was not good for me stopped and instead I started to crave more greens. My mouth was literally watering when I went through the department of fresh fruits and vegetables in the supermarket.

In my searches, I ran into the concept of “Raw Food”, plant-based foods, leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds which have not been heated above 42F .  Healthy as can be! This food is so tasty it will make your taste buds dance  and at the same time it is fun and beautiful too. This is healthy gourmet! I fell in love with the concept and started exchanging some of my meals with these healthy options. I was amazed with how I felt after a Raw Food meal – I didn’t feel like heading for the sofa to  take a nap or opening my trousers because I ate too much, I did not feel bloated and heavy. I did not feel I missed out on something, neither did I feel that I had deprived my self of anything. I was satisfied. There had been a party in my mouth. At the same time  I felt alive ready to spunk and have some fun. It was quite a remarkable difference compared to eating a sandwich loaded with meat, cheese and condiments accompanied by a coke.

In the summer Raw food is so satisfying and in the winter I also make delicious plant based meals that have been cooked. There are so many possibilities and an abundance of amazing recipes out there that I was inspired by  when I first went in my own kitchen to explore and create new favourites.

The list of benefits for adding more plant based food into our diets are endless but to name a few important ones:

  • You give your body the best foundation for being vibrant and healthy
  • You give your body the best food to make it strong and capable of fighting potential disease
  • You will loose weight if you need it
  • You give your body the best brain food to feel emotionally strong and in balance
  • You get more energy
  • You sleep better
  • you think clearer
  • You lower your cholesterol
  • You prevent heart disease
  • You stabilize your blood sugar

So whats next?

  • drink green smoothies during the day
  • exchange some of your meals with plant based foods. It can be one meal a day or 3 meals a day – even one meal a week will make a difference.
  • Bring awareness to how you feel after a meal

Smoothie Love

When I am asked what is the most important thing you can do to your health. I say add green smoothies to your diet. Green smoothies are purified love for your body, instant nourishment.  Green smoothies are the easiest and healthiest fast food ever. Make enough to bring to work, have it in the fridge and pour yourself a snack before attacking the bag of salt and vinegar crisps or the filled chocolate bar (chances are you wont even feel like eating the chips or the filled chocolate bar afterwards)

We need greens and fruit, we all know that. But many of us do not get enough, in fact we get way to little. Why? Because it is hard/impossible to eat our way through the amounts of vegetable and fruits we really need in order to stay healthy. Just look at your dinner plate – how much of that are Veggies and greens? Don’t you usually eat the meat and potatoes first and then when you are full, you eat a little bit of salad ? I know I did and as a consequence I lacked important nutrients.

Smoothies are an amazing and easy way to load up on greens and fruit. You would not be able to eat it all, but when you blend it into a delicious smoothie, you drink huge amounts of fruits and greens without even thinking about it – and it taste so good!

The trick is to add leafy greens – the chlorophyll in the greens are full of goodness, it heals and cleanses the organs in your body, it is like bathing the inside of your body with sunshine. I use the different kinds of kale, spinach, carrot tops, parsley, collard then I add different kinds of fruits like banana,pineapple, orange, peaches, grapes, mango the fruit adds sweetness and flavor. I add some water to give it the right consistency. I may also add a little fresh ginger and a bit of lemon or lime.  I also add some frozen fruit to make the drink cool.

This one is one of my favorites:

Kale 4-5 leaves

1 apple cut into smaller bits (If you have the high power blender you can leave in the core and seeds)

1 lime fruit

a couple of handfuls grapes ( frozen)

a small piece of ginger



It is important to use a powerful blender because some of the the greens like kale and carrot tops are quite tough so a normal blender will not be able to blend it smooth.

Remember colors – red and green = brown and may turn some people off

Veggies – only use the leafy greens – raw carrots are great for juicing but do not blend well.

Please make sure you thoroughly wash and clean all greens and fruit before you blend

I recommend you buy the book “Green for Life” by Victoria Boutenko.

Love Now

I saw this amazing youtube this morning and it made me think. It was powerful and I thought I would share it with you.
Love is the purest most precious gift we can give the world and ourselves. Nothing is like authentic connection and love – it has tremendous power. It can heal and change the world. Sometimes we forget that we actually can make a difference. It made me think about how I show up in the world reminding me that even a smile can make a difference in someones life and in the world.