Spinach Grapefruit Smoothie

Smoothies for breakfast, as part of lunch, as a snack, before dinner – smoothies for any occasion ……..

But smoothies have also become THE number one “Fast Food” in our family. In a hurry, on the go, no time to cook or even eat – no problem, spin up a smoothie and away you go. Quick, nutritious and satisfying!

Today I made a green smoothie with spinach and grapefruit. I love grapefruit, but for 12 years I wasn’t able to have grapefruit! I was on cholesterol medication and something in grapefruit doesn’t mix well with that kind of medication.

Since I changed to “balanced living” and added lots of plant-based foods to my diet and started exercising, I no longer need medication to control my cholesterol!

There are, as you can imagine, many benefits connected to that – one great one is, I can enjoy grapefruits again :-)



Spinach and Grapefruit Smoothie 

One bunch of fresh spinach

2 grapefruits

One bunch of red or green grapes

1 banana

1  slice of fresh ginger

2 Medjool dates

2 cups of filtered water


Put it all into the blender and blend into a refreshing, smooth, cool and delicious drink.



I hope you will Enjoy it !

Now to something completely different…..

Monday I travel back to Copenhagen to spend some time with family and friends. I am SO excited!

I will try to post while I’m away so stay tuned….

To travel is to live – Hans Christian Andersen

When I come back I will be attending THE FAMOUS AMAZING VIRTUAL VEGAN POTLUCK – on May 11.!

This is such a fun event! If you would like to join the fun by featuring one of your favorite vegan/plant-based recipes, there is still time to sign up here – otherwise – stay tuned for the event on May 11.

Thank you for dropping by, for reading and for commenting!

Happy Sunday!

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26 thoughts on “Spinach Grapefruit Smoothie

  1. Have a great trip. I’m hoping to go to Ireland this July and I was wondering how I’m going to keep my blog going while I’m away. Do you bring an iPad or borrow family member’s computers?

    • Thank you! Just back from a wonderful trip!
      I bring a laptop and my iphone – find it easy to blog on the road – the only problem is finding the time :-)
      I hope you will go to Ireland in July!

  2. This smoothy sounds so exciting! I also love grapefruit a lot!! This sounds like a great & tasty nourishing drink! Yummm! Save travels & have fun in Copenhagen! :) See you for the VVP! I will enter too, with a vegan dessert, this time! xxxx Hugs!

  3. So funny – – I keep wanting to put a grapefruit in my smoothies but I thought it would be too tangy! I love grapefruit. Thank you for giving me a great recipe to try.

    And thank you for the VVP endorsement! Have a safe and wonderful trip, Anne!

  4. I once made the mistake of putting an entire grapefruit into my blender, WITH the skins. It was SO sour I had to toss it. It was a sad day. I’ll have to give this one a try, I am on a smoothie KICK right now!

    • Oh Brittany – sometimes we learn the hard way ;-) I have made my funny smoothie mistakes too- believe me you are not alone :-)
      I am on a smoothie kick too – the perfect cure for jet-lag!

  5. My husband and I have been having green smoothies for lunch for about 6 months. Just recently, after being inspired by Fuhrman’s ‘Eat to Live’, I’ve replaced my morning oatmeal with green smoothies too. I wasn’t an immediate lover of green smoothies, but they’ve grown on me. I can’t imagine going through the day without one now. Celeste:)

  6. I adore this smoothie Anne! It’s so packed full of goodness! Hope you had a wonderfu visit home. Can’t wait to see you at the potluck! xx

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